Women's Basic (Below 40 Years Old)

RM 688.00
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Eating habits, lack of exercise and hectic days may cause us to give healthy living a backseat. Keep healthy habits in check and keep track of your health through regular checks specifically tailored for women.

Health Screening redemption period:
Valid until 28th February 2022

*All purchases are NOT refundable.

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The Package Includes

  • Historical & Clinical Examination by Health Screening Doctor
  • Weight, Height, BMI
  • Vision Test
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Resting ECG
  • Blood Investigation
    • Full Blood Count
    • Erthrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
    • Blood Grouping (ABO & Rh)
    • Liver Function Profile
    • Kidney Function Profile
    • Lipid Profile
    • Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL)
    • Hepatitis B Screening
    • Thyroid Function Test
      • Free T3
      • Free T4
      • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
    • Fasting Blood Sugar
    • HbA1c (average blood sugar level over 3 months)
  • Urine FEME
  • Pap Smear
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Ultrasound of Breast
  • Ultrasound of Abdomen & Pelvis
  • ABPI (screening for cardiovascular disease)
  • Consultation & Report

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